Marion Morrison


Physical Description
Marion is a towering fellow, with his 7 feet height and 250 pounds. With his black hair, gray eyes, and gruff voice he gives of a rather grim and intimidating impression, this is only helped by his rather taciturn personalty. Marked all over his body are signs of hard work and the physical punishment that comes with it, mixed amongst his calloused skin are many small scars. Although he rarely has his skin uncovered, wearing long sleeved shirts and gloves when at all possible. The most defining feature of his, and the most likely reason for his preferred style of dress, is his pneumatic arm. it replaces his entire right arm from the shoulder down, with his largest scars at the base of it.


Physical Aspects Mental Aspects
Might +1 Intellect 0
Grace -3 Charm -2
Speed 0 Cunning +1
Resilience +3 Tenacity +3

Derived Aspects

Defense 2 Willpower 5
Walk 4 Charge 4
Wounds 9 Height 3


Skill AV Rank Aspect
Carouse 4 1 -Res
Centering 5 3 -Ten
Farming 3 1 -Ten
Husbandry -1 1 -Chm
Intimidate 3 1 -Ten
Labor 5 1 -Res
Long Arms 1 1 -Int
Pugilism 3 2 -Ten
Pneumatic 4 3 -Mgt
Scrutiny 2 1 -Cun
Toughness 6 3 -Res

“If you ignore the rope in the trees…”
“…the dusk of a new sun will light your steps into the cave…”
“…as the dead rise by your fist.”
“Denying the battle will win the war…”
“and the crime that you hide will destroy you.”

This thing is a little strange, even though it just bits of metal there is still a dull pain through out it. Fairly odd would you say? To feel what is no longer there or possibly feeling this foreign contraption fused to me, I don’t know what I would find more concerning. Either way, the pain doesn’t bother me, I have long ago learned to push pain to the back of my mind, what does bother me is the reminder this serves . Why I am on this journey, why to such a dangerous place, and why at such a steep price. For it is likely I won’t return to Earthside, it may be as simple as not paying the debts that gifted me this replacement and the cost of travel or ,more likely I hope, I find what I am looking for and enact justice.

You see this isn’t a journey I take for my future and hopes of a rich and restful life, but for a past of pain and loss. I seek a few fellows that saw the potential my family’s position and sought to capitalize on it. They got close to my parents and gained their trust, with that they saw to it that a few things would be rigged in their favor. Unfortunately my parents were just fools enough to realizes this too late. So the fellows, already with the gains they were conniving for, decided that it would be best to place any blame that may come up to fall on my family. This they succeeded in great and unsuspected results, even for them I expect, My family’s home and barn was razed to the ground, it was in that chaos that I got the injury that aloud for my … “improvement”, as the doctors said, along with a vision of a possible fate for my self. Along with my limb, I also lost my parent’s. I still have my younger siblings, but because of the mark that was put on my family, they will not gain the life they should have. And those who did this were capable enough in their duplicity that not proper law would be able to bring them to justice.

So that is why I am on this train and I have this arm. To ruin those who have ruined mine and to see if my fate will turn the way it was shown to me. All-in-all I am expecting a interesting trip, what do you think for your own?

Marion Morrison

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