Silas Kincaid

A mercenary on the run from an old friend


Physical Description
Silas is a short and skinny beady eyed man with 32 years of worldly experience with a look that is is anything but charming. he has a pointy nose, barely a chin to speak of, and greasy pulled back brown hair. his sharp clean suit is the only thing he thinks that looks good about him and he would be right if he’d bought it now not 10 years and 100 fights ago.
|Physical Aspects | Mental Aspects|
|Might -2 | Intellect +3|
|Grace 0 | Charm -2|
|Speed -1 | Cunning +2|
|Resilience +3 | Tenacity -1|
Derived Aspects
|Defense 5 | Willpower 4|
|Walk 4 | Charge 8|
|Wounds 7 | Height 2|
|skill | AV | Rating |Aspect|
|Long Arms | 7 | 4 | Intellect|
|Centering | 1 | 2 | Tenacity|
|Evade | 2 | 3 | Speed|
|Toughness | 4 | 1 | Resilience|
|Literacy | 4 | 1 | Intellect|
|Alchemistry | 4 | 1 | Intellect|
|Deceive | 6 | 3 | Intellect|
|Melee | -1 | 1 | Might|


“Once you witness your golden sunset…”
“…you will fall from grace…”
“…as wonders surround your waking echoes.”
“The shards you pass through leave a bloody trail…”
“…and you will thrice damn him.”

A Brief History of Silas Kincaid
“When I was young I thought fighting was a stupid idea.” Silas said looking up with his eyes half open in nostalgia. “Not for the pain or the effort needed to win, no, but the fact the it was easier to lie your way out of it or pay someone to fight for you. Really the only one I had trouble with when i was a kid named Jackson May-something, I don’t know looked like a girl called him Maya, well anyway he was a bully with his parents worked at the same smuggling ring as mine.”

Silas continued on with a look of annoyance “No matter what I did he’d not stop bully me. He’d see through my lies with ease, had charm to keep his friends being bought, and strength and skill to beat me when i fought him, yeah that asshole.”

(can’t break the paragraph without this don’t know why)

“Well anyway the smuggling ring my parents were in got…”with a pause Silas looked down thinking of the right word before saying “disposed of in a way that made me realized that you can’t always get out of a fight, and the guns made the weak, me, strong. So there I was at the age of 13 with my parents dead, a crappy rifle in my hands, a kill count of 6, and a god damn debt to Maya.”

“Over the years after that training with my rifle and selling my targets.” say the Silas pulled out his rifle “Then I got this guy here and made a name for my self. Killcaid, REALLY stupid name I know, but the asshole the coined the name is dead now so I’m happy.” With a long sigh to break the happy thought Silas then said “Then I got a letter from Maya say he needs a good gun hand for a job. With my debt with I had to help him, bad move.”

“The job, go in a large mansion out in no where, kill a guy, kidnap a young girl, and free a prisoner in the mansion. Oh, and we had to do it all stealthy like too. Well the seven, SEVEN, of us had to do all that! On the night of the job it seemed like someone outed us. In the end we killed the target, crippled the girl, and let the guy we need to kill live, not good”

“When we got our bearings we had three people alive, Maya the asshole, sunny, and myself. Trying to find out who outed us Maya started to think I did it calling me a lier and a cheat. I’m a lier but not someone who would betray anyone and not someone I had a debt with. That started a gun fight soon after getting sunny killed, crappy gun hand but a good shield, my old bully aiming to kill me, and me running a way.”

With a happy face Silas said. “And here I am on a train to a city I can hide in and can earn some money. Now with that out of the way who do you not like and how much will you pay for him to be gone?”

Silas Kincaid

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